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1.Look for images of bridal gown styles you like. Pinterest is a great way to find pictures.


2. Bring just a couple special family or friends to your appointment. It creates for a bigger element of surprise on your big day!


3. Start shopping when you're ready to purchase.  If you fall in love with your dream gown it may be discontinued or no longer on sale if you start shopping before you're ready to buy.


4. Consider your personality and not just your size when picking a gown (Take our wedding gown personality quiz now!)


5. Don’t  feel that you have limited options if you have a smaller gown budget.  Omni Couture specializes in working with budgets of all sizes.  


How to Prepare for your Appointment


1. Undergarments can drastically change the look of a dress.


Before you go dress shopping, invest in a pair of flesh tone panties and a flesh tone strapless bra that fits you well so you can wear them while you're trying on gowns. If you're tummy-conscious, call ahead to see if the salon has slimmers for you to use or if you should bring your own.


OC will provide disposable under arm dress liners and a long line bustier, but you may want to wear your own for an exact fit.

2. Bridal Shoes


Bring your wedding shoes or a pair of heels close to the height you want to wear on the day-of your wedding.


3. Simple makeup


To preserve the quality of each gown, we kindly ask that each client

wear just enough makeup to feel pretty.



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